East Proushie

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East Proushie
Province o the Kinrick o Proushie (till 1918) an the Free State o Proushie



Flag Coat o airms
Flag Coat of arms
Location o East Proushie
East Proushie (reid), within the Kinrick o Proushie, within the German Empire, as o 1871.
Caipital Königsberg
 -  Established 1772
 -  Province of Prussia 1824–1878
 -  Treaty o Versailles 1919
 -  Disestablished 1945
Area 36,993.9 km2 (14,283 sq mi)
 -  2,490,000 
Density 67.3 /km2  (174.3 /sq mi)
Poleetical subdiveesions Duchy o Proushie (1525–1618)
The day pairt o  Roushie

East Proushie (German: Ostpreußen, pronounced [ˈɔstˌpʁɔʏsən] ( listen); Laitin: Borussia orientalis; Roushie: Восточная Пруссия) wis the main pairt o the region o Proushie alang the sootheastren Baltic Coast frae the 13t century tae the end o Warld War II in Mey 1945.[1]

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Coordinates: 54°44′N 20°29′E / 54.733°N 20.483°E / 54.733; 20.483