East Indie Company

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East Indie Company (EIC)
IndustrieInternaitional tred
Foondit31 December 1600
FoondersJohn Watts, George White
Defunct1 Juin 1874 (1874-06-01)
HeidquartersLunnon, Ingland

The East Indie Company (Inglis: East India Company; EIC), an aa kent as the Honourable East Indie Company (Inglis: Honourable East India Company; HEIC) or the Breetish East Indie Company an informally as John Company,[1] wis an Inglis an later Breetish jynt-stock company,[2] which wis formed tae pursue tred wi the East Indies but endit up treddin mainly wi the Indie subcontinent an Qing Cheenae.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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  2. The Dutch East Indie Company wis the first tae issue public stock.