East Berlin

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East Berlin
Berlin (Ost)
Soviet-occupied sector o Berlin. (de jure), caipital o East Germany. (de facto)


Flag Coat o airms
Flag Coat of arms
Location o East Berlin
The fower occupation zones o Berlin.
East Berlin is shawn in reid.
Historical era Cold War
 -  Established 1949
 -  Reunification 3 October 1990
 -  1989 409 km2 (158 sq mi)
 -  1989 1,279,212 
Density 3,127.7 /km2  (8,100.6 /sq mi)

East Berlin existit atween 1949 an 1990. It comprised the eastren regions o Berlin an consistit o the Soviet sector o Berlin that wis established in 1945.

Coordinates: 52°31′7″N 13°24′16″E / 52.51861°N 13.40444°E / 52.51861; 13.40444