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Eadred - MS Royal 14 B VI.jpg
Eadred in the early fowerteent century Genealogical Roll o the Keengs o Ingland
Keeng o the Inglis
Ring26 Mey 946 – 23 November 955
Coronation16 August 946
PredecessorEdmund I
Wessex, Ingland
Dee'd23 November 955 (aged 31–32)
Frome, Somerset
BuirialAuld Meenster, Winchester. Bones nou in Winchester Cathedral
HooseHoose o Wessex
FaitherEdward, Keeng o Wessex
MitherEadgifu o Kent
ReleegionCatholicism (pre-reformation)

Eadred (an aa Edred) (923 - 23 November 955) wis Keeng o the Inglis frae 946 till his daith in 955, in succession tae his elder brither Edmund I.