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Societas Europaea (SE)
Treddit as FWBEOAN
Industrie Electric utility
Foondit 2000 (2000)
Heidquarters Düsseldorf, Germany
Aurie served
Unitit States
Key fowk
Johannes Teyssen
(CEO an Chairman o the executive board)
Werner Wenning
(Chairman o the supervisory board)
Products electrical power
naitural gas
Services Electricity generation an distribution
naitural gas exploration, production,
transportation an distribution
Revenue 112.954 billion (2011)[1]
€5.438 billion (2011)[1]
Profit €-1.861 billion (2011)[1]
Tot assets €152.872 billion (2011)[1]
Tot equity €39.613 billion (end 2011)[1]
Nummer o employees
78,889 (end 2011)[1]
Subsidiaries E.ON Ruhrgas
E.ON Sverige
E.ON Russia
Wabsteid www.eon.com

E.ON SE (umwhile E.ON AG),[2] mercatit wi an interpunct as E·ON, is the hauldin company o the warld's lairgest investor-ained electric utility service provider based in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalie, Germany. The name comes frae the Greek wird aeon which means eternity.[3]

It operates in ower 30 kintras an serves ower 26 million customers.[4] It is ane o the 30 members o the DAX stock index o major German companies an a member o the Global Titans 50 index. Its chief executive officer (Vorstandsvorsitzender) is Johannes Teyssen.[5]

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