Droich planet

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(Reguidit frae Dwarf planet)
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Ceres, the only dwarf planet in the asteroid belt imaged by Dawn Pluto seen by New Horizons on 14 July 2015
|-Eris and its moon seen from HubbleMakemake and its moon imaged by the Hubble Telescope      
Four notable dwarf planets (clockwise from top left):

(See full leet o likeliest possible dwarf planets.)

A dwarf planet is a planetar-mass object that is neither a planet nor a naitural satellite. That is, it is in direct orbit o the Sun, an is massive enough for its gravity tae crush itsel intae a hydrostatic equilibrium shape (uisually a spheroid), but haes nae cleared the neighbourhuid o ither material aroond its orbit.[1][2]

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