Dunfaurlin Aibey

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Dunfaurlin Aibey
Dunfermline Abbey Geograph.jpg
Dunfaurlin Aibey frae Pittencrieff Pairk
Dunfaurlin Aibey is locatit in Scotland
Dunfaurlin Aibey
Dunfaurlin Aibey
Location in Scotland
56°04′12″N 3°27′49″W / 56.0699°N 3.4636°W / 56.0699; -3.4636Coordinates: 56°04′12″N 3°27′49″W / 56.0699°N 3.4636°W / 56.0699; -3.4636
Location Dunfaurlin, Fife
Kintra Scotland
Denomination Kirk o Scotland
Previous denomination Roman Catholic
Wabsteid www.dunfermlineabbey.co.uk/wwp/
Foondit 1128
Status Active
Functional status Pairish Kirk
Airchitect(s) William Burn
Style Romanesque[1]
Completit 1250
Meenister(s) MaryAnn R. Rennie

Dunfaurlin Aibey is a Kirk o Scotland Pairish Kirk locatit in Dunfaurlin, Fife, Scotland.

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