Dundee cake

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Dundee cake
Scots Dundee cake
TeepFruit cake
Place o oreeginScotland
Creautit biKeiller's marmalade
Main ingredientsCurrans, sultanas an awmonds
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Dundee cake is a kenspeckle tradeetional roond Scottish fruit cake wi a rich flavour.[1][2]

The cake is aften makkit wi currants, sultanas an awmonds; aftentimes, fruit peel is addit tae it. The cake originatit in 19t century Scotland, an wis oreeginally made as a mass-produced cake bi the marmalade company cried Keiller's.[3]

Scots govrenment consultit in 2014 tae speir oor gin it maun be makit intae a European protectit geograph indicator (EU Protected Geographic Indicator PGI in Inglis).[4] Syne Brexit, the Unitit Kinrick gaed Dundee Cake a PGI status (in Inglis) as 'a rich, moist, all-butter 'afternoon tea' fruitcake which must be prepared, decorated and baked in the described geographical area.[5]

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