Dundee United F.C.

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(Reguidit frae Dundee Unitit F.C)
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Dundee Unitit F.C.
Manager Ray McKinnon
League Scottish Premier League
Home colours
Away colours

Dundee Unitit (or the Tangerines, Terrors, Arabs) are a Scots professional fitbaw club locatit in the ceety o Dundee. Formed in 1909, oreeginally as Dundee Hibernian, the club adoptit their current name in 1923. They play thair gemmes at Tannadice Park i Dundee. The pairk is kenspeckle for bein' juist 100 yairds frae the ither team in Dundee, Dundee F.C..

The club wun the Scots Premier League in 1983, gat tae the European Cup semi-feenal in 1984 an the UEFA Cup feenal in 1987, an lost tae Roma and IFK Gothenburg respectively. Aw this wis daen unner thair maist kenspeckle manager, Jim McLean. The club hae wun the Scots Cup twice, in 1994 an 2010, an the League Cup twice, in 1980 and 1981.