Dundee Stars

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Dundee Stars
Ceety Dundee, Scotland
League Elite Ice Hockey League
Foondit 2001
Hame arena Dundee Ice Arena

Reid, White, Dark Blue

General manager Charlie Ward, Stephen Ward, Michael Ward (directors)
Heid coach Canadae Jeff Hutchins
Caiptain TBC
Franchise history
2001–2008 Dundee ‘Texol’ Stars
2008–present Dundee ‘CCS’ Stars
British National League Champions 2001-02
British National League Playoff Champions 2001-02, 2004–05
Gardiner Conference Champions 2013-14

The Dundee Stars, currently stylised as Dundee 'CCS' Stars due tae a title sponsorship deal wi Contract Cleaning Services,[1] are a professional ice hockey team based in the Scots ceety o Dundee.

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