Dundas Castle

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Dundas Castle
Edinburgh, Scotland
Dundas Castle.jpg
Dundas Castle in 2007
Dundas Castle is locatit in Edinburgh
Dundas Castle
Dundas Castle
Coordinates 55°58′30″N 3°24′52″W / 55.9750859°N 3.4145594°W / 55.9750859; -3.4145594
Site information
Owner Sir Jack Stewart-Clark
Open tae
the public
The castle can be rentit for waddins an ither special events
Wabsteid dundascastle.co.uk
Site history
Biggit 15t century
Materials Stone

Dundas Castle is a 15t-century castle, wi substantial 19t-century addeetions bi William Burn, in the Dalmeny pairish o Wast Lowden, Scotland. The hame o the Dundas faimily syne the Middle Ages, it wis sauld in the late 19t century an is currently the residence o politeecian an businessman Sir Jack Stewart-Clark.

Coordinates: 55°58′31″N 3°24′53″W / 55.97528°N 3.41472°W / 55.97528; -3.41472