Dunblane Cathedral

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Dunblane Cathedral
Cathedral Church of St Blaan and St Laurence
Dunblane Cathedral 2017.jpg
Dunblane Cathedral in 2017
Dunblane Cathedral is locatit in Stirling
Dunblane Cathedral
Dunblane Cathedral
Coordinates: 56°11′21.91″N 3°57′54.9″W / 56.1894194°N 3.965250°W / 56.1894194; -3.965250
Kintra Unitit Kinrick
Denomination Kirk o Scotland
Previous denomination Roman Catholic
Wabsteid www.dunblanecathedral.org.uk
Foondit c. 7t century (steid)
Foonder(s) Saunt Blane
Status Pairish kirk
Functional status Active
Airchitect(s) Robert Rowand Anderson (restoration)
Style Gothic (maistly)
Years biggit 11t tae 15t century
1889 (restoration)
Nummer o touers 1
Touer hicht Sax storeys [1]
Presbytery Stirlin
Meenister(s) The Rev. Colin C. Renwick[2]
Director o muisic Kevin Duggan[2]

Dunblane Cathedral is the lairger o the twa Kirk o Scotland pairish kirks servin Dunblane, near the ceety o Stirlin, in central Scotland.

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