Duke o Noailles

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Coat o airms o the Duke o Noailles.

Duke o Noailles wis a French teetle o the nobility creatit bi Louis XIV in 1663 for Anne de Noailles, Viscoont o Ayen. They are the main branch o the Hoose o Noailles an are cousins o the Duke o Mouchy an the Duke o Ayen.

  1. Anne de Noailles (1663-1678).
  2. Anne Jules de Noailles (1678-1708). Marshal o Fraunce.
  3. Adrien Maurice de Noailles (1708-1766).
  4. Louis de Noailles (1766-1793). Marshal o Fraunce.
  5. Jean de Noailles (1793–1824).
  6. Paul de Noailles (1824–1885).
  7. Jules Charles Victurnien de Noailles (1885–1895).
  8. Adrien de Noailles (1895–1953).
  9. François de Noailles (1953–2009).
  10. Hélie de Noailles (2009–present).

The present holder o the teetle is Hélie de Noailles, but as Fraunce is now a republic, teetles are not officially recognised.