Dubai Metro

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Dubai Metro
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Native nameمترو دبي
AwnerRoads an Transport Authority (Dubai)
LocaleDubai, Unitit Arab Emirates
Transit teepRapid transit
Nummer o lines2
(3rd unner construction)
Nummer o stations49 (29 on reid line, 20 on green line)
Daily ridership353,244 (2017)[1]
Begoud operation9 September 2009
Operator(s)Serco Group
Seestem lenth74.6 km (46.4 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) staundart gauge
ElectrificationThird rail, 750 V DC[2]

The Dubai Metro (in Arabic: مترو دبي) is a driverless, fully automatit metro rail netwirk in the Emirati ceety o Dubai. The Red Line an Green Line are operational, wi three further lines planned. These first twa lines run unnergrund in the ceety centre an on elevatit viaducts elsewhaur (elevatit railwey).[3] Aw trains an stations are air condeetioned wi platform edge doors tae mak this possible.

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