Dryburgh Aibey

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Dryburgh Abbey
Dryburgh Abbey, 2004.jpg
Monastery information
Disestablishedbet. 1581 an 1600
Mither hooseAlnwick Aibey
DioceseDiocese o St. Andras
Foonder(s)Hugh de Morville
Important associated figursAdam o Dryburgh, Andrew Forman

Dryburgh Aibey, near Dryburgh on the banks o the River Tweed in the Scots Mairches, wis nominally foondit on 10 November (Martinmas) 1150 in a greement atween Hugh de Morville, Constable o Scotland, an the Premonstratensian canons regular frae Alnwick Aibey in Northumberland.[1]

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Coordinates: 55°34′37.5″N 2°38′58″W / 55.577083°N 2.64944°W / 55.577083; -2.64944