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Drongen athin Ghent

Drongen (French: Tronchiennes) is a submunicipality o the ceety o Ghent (Arrondissement o Ghent, East Flanders, Flanders, Belgium).

Drongen is dividit intae three parishes: Drongen, Luchteren an Baarle.

Drongen is known for its early medieval monastery, foondit in the 7t century bi the monk Amandus, the Missionary o the Leie an Schelde. Destroyed bi the Normans in 853, the monastery wis rebuilt bi the coonts o Flanders. The monastery wis the victim o the releegious wars follaein the Reformation, an in 1578 it wis ance again destroyed bi Calvinists. In 1638 the abbey kirk wis rebuilt an atween 1638 an 1698 the monastery wis restored. Efter a fire in 1727, the kirk touer wis restored ance again in 1734, wi a destinctive appearance. In 1797 the French occupee'd an sauld the abbey. In 1804 Lieven Bauwens uised the monastery as a textile plant. The current monastery an abbey kirk date frae 1859 an remain in uise as a spiritual centre dedicatit tae the teachins o Ignatius o Loyola.

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Coordinates: 51°03′N 3°40′E / 51.050°N 3.667°E / 51.050; 3.667