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Nobel prize medal.svg Doris Lessing
Doris lessing 20060312 (jha).jpg
Lessing at the Lit Cologne leeterary festival in 2006
Born Doris May Tayler
22 October 1919(1919-10-22)
Kermanshah, Iran
Dee'd 17 November 2013(2013-11-17) (aged 94)
Lunnon, Ingland
Pen name Jane Somers
Thrift Writer
Naitionality Breetish
Ceetizenship Unitit Kinrick
Period 1950–2013
Genre Novel, short story, biography, drama, libretto, poetry
Leeterar muivement Modrenism, postmodrenism, Sufism, socialism, feminism, scepticism science feection
Notable warks
Notable awairds
Bairns John (b. 1939), Jean (b. 1943), Peter (b. 1947)

Doris May Lessing CH (née Tayler; 22 October 1919 – 17 November 2013) wis a Breetish novelist, poet, playwricht, librettist, biografer an short story writer. Her novelles include The Grass is Singing (1950), the sequence o five novelles collectively cried Children of Violence (1952–69), The Golden Notebook (1962), The Good Terrorist (1985), an five novelles collectively kent as Canopus in Argos: Archives (1979–1983).