Donato Bramante

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Donato Bramante
Donato Bramante.jpg
Donato Bramante
BornDonato di Pascuccio d'Antonio
Fermignano, Duchy o Urbino, in present-day Italy
Died11 March 1514 (Aged about 70)
Roum, in present-day Italy
Kent forArchitecture, Pentin
Notable wirk(s)San Pietro in Montorio
Christ at the column
MuivementHeich Renaissance

Donato Bramante (1444 – 11 Mairch 1514)[1] wis an Italian airchitect, wha introduced Renaissance airchitectur tae Milan an the Heich Renaissance style tae Roum, whaur his plan for St. Peter's Basilica formed the basis o design executit bi Michelangelo.

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