Donald Tusk

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Donald Tusk
Premier RP D Tusk.jpg
Prime Meenister o Poland
Assumed office
16 November 2007
Preses Lech Kaczyński
Bronisław Komorowski (Actin)
Bogdan Borusewicz (Actin)
Grzegorz Schetyna (Actin)
Bronisław Komorowski
Deputy Jan Vincent-Rostowski
Janusz Piechociński
Preceded by Jarosław Kaczyński
Leader o the Opposeetion
In office
1 Juin 2003 – 16 November 2007
Prime Meenister Leszek Miller
Marek Belka
Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz
Jarosław Kaczyński
Preceded by Maciej Płażyński
Succeeded by Jarosław Kaczyński
Chairperson o the Civic Platform
Assumed office
1 Juin 2003
Preceded by Maciej Płażyński
Parliamentary Leader o the Ceevic Platform in the Sejm
In office
5 November 2005 – 5 December 2006
Preceded by Jan Rokita
Succeeded by Bogdan Zdrojewski
In office
9 Aprile 2003 – 1 Juin 2003
Preceded by Maciej Płażyński
Succeeded by Jan Rokita
Personal details
Born Donald Franciszek Tusk
22 Aprile 1957 (1957-04-22) (age 58)
Gdańsk , Poland
Poleetical pairty Ceevic Platform
Spoose(s) Małgorzata Tusk
Bairns Michał (born 1982)
Katarzyna (born 1987)
Alma mater Varsity o Gdańsk
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Donald Franciszek Tusk ([ˈdɔnalt franˈt͡ɕiʂɛk ˈtusk] ( listen); born 22 April 1957) is a Polish politeecian who haes been Prime Meenister o Poland syne 2007. He wis a co-foonder an is chairman o the Ceevic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska) pairty.

Tusk was offeecially designatit as Prime Meenister on 9 November 2007 an teuk affice on 16 November. His cabinet wan a vote o confidence in the Sejm on 24 November 2007. He is currently the langest servin prime meenister o the Third Republic o Poland. In October 2011, Tusk's Ceevic Platform wan a plurality o seats in the Polish parliamentary election, meanin that Tusk acame the first Prime Meenister tae be re-electit syne the faw o communism in Poland.[1]

Tusk began his public career as an activist in his home toun o Gdansk, supportin Solidarity an organizin his fellow varsity students. Wi the exception o ane fower-year stretch, Tusk haes served in the Third Republic parliament almaist continuously syne its first elections in 1991. He wis Vice Marshal (deputy speaker) o the Senate frae 1997 tae 2001 an Vice Marshal o the Sejm frae 2001 tae 2005. He an aa served as Leader o the Opposeetion frae 2003 tae 2007.

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