Don Giovanni

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Don Giovanni
Opera bi W. A. Mozart
Max Slevogt - Der Sänger Francisco d'Andrade als Don Giovanni in Mozarts Oper - Google Art Project.jpg
Portrait o Francisco D'Andrade in the teetle role bi Max Slevogt, 1912
LibrettistLorenzo Da Ponte
Premiere29 October 1787 (1787-10-29)
Estates Theatre, Prague

Don Giovanni (Italian pronunciation: [dɔn dʒoˈvanni]; K. 527; complete title: [Il dissoluto punito, ossia il Don Giovanni] error: {{lang}}: text haes italic markup (help), leeterally The Rake Punished, or Don Giovanni) is an opera in twa acts wit muisic bi Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart an Italian libretto bi Lorenzo Da Ponte. It is based on the legends o Don Juan, a feectional libertine an seducer. It wis premiered bi the Prague Italian opera at the Teatro di Praga (nou cried the Estates Theatre) on 29 October 1787.[1] Da Ponte's libretto wis billed, lik mony o its time, as dramma giocoso, a term that denotes a mixin o serious an comic action. Mozart entered the wirk intae his catalogue as an opera buffa. Awtho whiles clessifee'd as comic, it blends comedy, melodrama an supernaitural elements.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The theatre is referred tae as the Teatro di Praga in the libretto for the 1787 premiere (Deutsch 1965, 302–303); for the current name o the theatre see "The Estates Theatre" at the Prague National Theatre wabsteid.