Dominion o Indie

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Dominion o Indie
भारतीय अधिराज्य
Bhārata Adhirājya



Satyameva Jayate
सत्यमेव जयते
"Truth Alone Triumphs"
Ryal anthem
God Save the Keeng
The Dominion o Indie in 1950.
Caipital New Delhi
Leids Hindi, Inglish
Releegion Hinduism, Buddhism
Government Constitutional monarchy
 -  1947–1950 George VI
 -  1947–1948 Louis Mountbatten
 -  1948–1950 C. Rajagopalachari
Prime Meenister
 -  1947–1950 Jawaharlal Nehru
Legislatur Constituent Assembly
Historical era Cauld War
 -  Indian Independence Act 15 August 1947
 -  Indo-Pakistani War 22 October 1947
 -  Constitution adoptit 26 Januar 1950
 -  1950 3,287,263 km² (1,269,219 sq mi)
Siller Indian rupee
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The Dominion o Indie ([भारतीय अधिराज्य, Bhārata Adhirājya] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)), an aa kent as the Union o Indie, wis a predecessor tae modren-day Indie an an independent state that existit atween 15 August 1947 an 26 Januar 1950. Awtho it wis transformed intae the Republic o Indie bi promulgation o the Constitution o Indie on 26 Januar 1950, the term Union o Indie (or simply the Union) is still uised bi the Indian judicial seestem tae refer tae the Indian govrenment (an aa kent as the central govrenment, as opposed tae the govrenments o the individual states in Indie).

Strictly speakin, the Dominion o Pakistan wis creatit bi pairteetionin it frae Breetish Indie (Breetish Raj). Breetish Indie wis succeedit bi the Dominion o Indie on 15 August 1947. It is therefore technically incorrect tae say that Breetish Indie wis pairteetioned intae twa independent Indie an Pakistan: the Dominion o Indie wis a successor-state o Breetish Indie while Pakistan wis formerly a pairt o it. This is hou the Unitit Naitions treatit the new independent Indie (as a successor-state), while the newly creatit Pakistan haed tae re-apply membership intae the Unitit Nations. The Dominion o Indie wis creatit bi the Indian Independence Act 1947, enactit bi the Breetish parliament.