Dolmabahçe Pailace

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Dolmabahçe Pailace
Dolmabahçe Palace.JPG
Dolmabahçe Pailace as seen frae the Bosphorus
Dolmabahçe Pailace is locatit in Istanbul
Dolmabahçe Pailace
General information
Teep Pailace (1856–1922)
Airchitectural style Baroque
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Coordinates 41°02′22″N 29°00′06″E / 41.03944°N 29.00167°E / 41.03944; 29.00167Coordinates: 41°02′22″N 29°00′06″E / 41.03944°N 29.00167°E / 41.03944; 29.00167
Construction stairtit 1843
Completit 1856
Client Ottoman sultans
Ainer Turkish state
Design an construction
Airchitect Garabet Balyan

Dolmabahçe Pailace (Turkis: Dolmabahçe Sarayı, IPA: [doɫmabahˈtʃe saɾaˈjɯ]) locatit in the Beşiktaş destrict o Istanbul, Turkey, on the European coastline o the Bosphorus strait, served as the main admeenistrative centre o the Ottoman Empire frae 1856 tae 1922, apairt frae a 22-year interval (1887–1909) in that Yıldız Pailace wis uised.