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A smaw hoose in Dojran Loch an a fishin boat

Dojran (Macedonie: Дојран [ˈdɔjran] ( listen)) wis a ceety on the wast shore o Dojran Loch in the sootheast pairt o North Macedonie. The day, it is a collective name for twa veelages on the territory o the ruined cteey: Nov Dojran (New Dojran, settled frae the end o Warld War I tae Warld War II) an Star Dojran (Auld Dojran), which conteens baith auld ruins an recent construction, especially hotels, resorts, an restaurants. Dojran is 170 kilometer (110 mi) frae Skopje, 59 kilometer (37 mi) frae Strumica, an some 30 kilometer (19 mi) frae Gevgelija. The nearest airports are Thessaloniki Airport an Skopje Airport. The mayor o Dojran Municipality is currently Ango Angov. The auld ceety o Dojran wis totally ruined durin the First Warld War, an the modren veelages wur established efter the Seicont Warld War.

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Coordinates: 41°10′45″N 22°43′29″E / 41.17917°N 22.72472°E / 41.17917; 22.72472