Doge's Pailace

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Doge's Palace
Palazzo Ducale
Doge's Palace
Established1340 (1340)
LocationPiazza San Marco 1,
30124 Venice, Italy
Coordinates45°26′02″N 12°20′24″E / 45.4339°N 12.3400°E / 45.4339; 12.3400Coordinates: 45°26′02″N 12°20′24″E / 45.4339°N 12.3400°E / 45.4339; 12.3400
TeepAirt museum, Historic steid
DirectorCamillo Tonini

The Doge's Palace (Italian: Palazzo Ducale; Venetian: Pałaso Dogal) is a palace biggit in Venetian Gothic style, an ane o the main laundmerks o the ceety o Venice in northren Italy. The palace wis the residence o the Doge o Venice, the supreme authority o the umwhile Republic o Venice, openin as a museum in 1923. The day, it is ane o the 11 museums run bi the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.