Distinguished Service Order

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Distinguished Service Order
Distinguished Service Order correct.jpg
Medal o the order
Awairdit bi Unitit Kinrick an Commonweel
Teep Order wi ane degree
Eligibility members o the airmed forces
Awairdit for "Distinguished services in active operations against the enemy."[1]
Status Currently awairdit
Soverane Queen Elizabeth II
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Companion
Established 6 September 1886
Tot inductees
Next (heicher) Commander o the Maist Excellent Order o the Breetish Empire[3]
Next (lawer) Lieutenant o the Ryal Victorian Order
Reebin baur o the order

The Distinguished Service Order (DSO) is a militar decoration o the Unitit Kinrick, an umwhile o ither pairts o the Commonweel o Naitions, awairdit for meritorious or distinguished service bi officers o the airmed forces in wartime, teepically in actual combat.

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