Disney's Sequoia Lodge

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Disney's Sequoia Lodge
Location Disneyland Paris
Category 3 stars
Theme American Naitional Pairks, wilderness
Ruims 1011
Operator Euro Disney SCA
Wabsteid Disney's Sequoia Lodge

The Disney's Sequoia Lodge Hotel at the Disneyland Resort Paris in Marne-la-Vallée, Fraunce is a leisur o a wilderness dern , designed tae gie thochts o thae teepically foond in American naitional pairks. The feck ludge whilk leuks athort Lake Disney tae the Disney Village area is hame tae monie o the 1011 veesitor's chaumers. Thare ye can forbye find twa restaurants an a hotel howf. Dern ahint this main ludge veesitors can diskiver 6 smawer ludges, 5 o whilk conteen the lave o the chaumers whist the saxt ludge is hame tae the hotel's soumin baths an leisur faceelities.

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