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Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

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Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
General information
OpeninJanuar 2, 2001
ManagementThe Walt Disney Company
Ither information
Nummer o rooms1019 (currently)suites 44
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Disney's Grand Californian Hotel is ane o the Disneyland Resort Hotels, an is locate naur California Adventure, Disney's California Adventrue. Some o the rooms owreleuks sichts sic as the Grizzly Peak, an Downtown Disney. Thare's a tot o 745 rooms, an thay reenge in chairge fae $265 tae $400 for a staundart room (lippnin on whither or no ye want tae see the pairk or dountoun disney), or $655 tae $1,250 for a suite.