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Diphtheria bull neck.5325 lores.jpg
Diphtherie can cause a swollen neck, whiles referred tae as a bull neck.[1]
SpecialtyInfectious disease
SymptomsSore thrait, fiver, baurky coch[2]
Uisual onset2–5 days post-exposur[1]
CausesCorynebacterium diphtheriae (spreid bi direct contact an throu the air)[1]
Diagnostic methodThrait appearance, cultur[2]
PreventionDiphtherie vaccine[1]
TreatmentAntibiotics, tracheostomy[1]
Frequency4,500 (reportit 2015)[3]
Daiths2,100 (2015)[4]
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Diphtherie is an infection caused bi the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae.[1]

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