Dionysius Exiguus

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St. Dionysius Exiguus
(Dionysius the Hummle)
Born c. 470
Scythia Minor, Eastren Roman Empire
Dee'd c. 544 (aged 73 or 74)
Roum, Kinrick o the Ostrogoths
Honored in Eastren Orthodox Kirk
Canonizit 8 Julie 2008, Bucharest by the Synod o the Romanie Orthodox Kirk[1]
Feast 1 September[2] (first day of the Byzantine liturgical year)

Dionysius Exiguus (Laitin for "Dionysius the Hummle"; c.AD 470 – c. AD 544) wis a 6t-century monk born in Scythia Minor (probably modren Dobruja, in Romanie an Bulgarie). He wis a member o a commonty o Scythian monks concentratit in Tomis, the major ceety o Scythia Minor. Dionysius is best kent as the inventor o the Anno Domini (AD) era, that is uised tae nummer the years o baith the Gregorian calendar an the (Christianised) Julian calendar. Some kirks adoptit his computus (calculation) for the dates o Pace.

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