Dinara Akulova

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Dinara Akulova
Born (1964-09-10) 10 September 1964 (age 55)
Svetlaya Polyana, Kyrgyzstan
Genrespop music
Thriftmuisicker, sangwriter, sangster

Dinara Akulova (Kyrgyz: Динара Акулова, born 10 September 1964) is a Kyrgyz sangster who is considert the "queen" o Kyrgyz pop muisic.[1]

Efter her parents divorcit, she livit wi her grandmither. Akulova hersel first attendit a muisic schuil in Karakol. Efterwairds she studiet at the State Art Institute in Bishkek. She is currently ane o the maist famous sangsters in Kyrgyzstan an is the recipient o the honorar title "Honored Airtist o the Kyrgyz Republic". Akulova haes three childer[1] an a granddochter (born 24 October 2015).[2] Her dochter Malika-Dina (Kyrgyz: Малика-Дина, born 19 Dizember 1995 in Moscow) an aw became a sangster.[3]

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