Dimension (mathematics an pheesics)

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Frae left tae richt, the square, the cube, an the tesseract. The square is boondit bi 1-dimensional lines, the cube bi 2-dimensional areas, an the tesseract bi 3-dimensional vollums. A projection o the cube is given syne it is viewed on a twa-dimensional screen. The same applies ti the tesseract, which addeetionally can anly be shawn as a projection even in three-dimensional space.

In physics an mathematics, the dimension o a space or object is informally defined as the minimum nummer o coordinates needit tae specify ony pynt within it.[1][2] Thus a line haes a dimension o ane acause anly ane coordinate is needit tae specify a pynt on it (for example, the pynt at 5 on a nummer line). A surface such as a plane or the surface o a cylinder or sphere haes a dimension o twa acause twa coordinates are needit tae specify a pynt on it (for example, tae locate a pynt on the surface o a sphere ye need baith its latitude an its longitude). The inside o a cube, a cylinder or a sphere is three-dimensional acause three coordinates are needed tae locate a pynt within these spaces.

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