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Diana Haddad ديانا حداد
Birth name Diana Joseph Fouad Haddad
Forby kent as Diana Haddad
Born (1976-10-01) 1 October 1976 (age 43)
Bsalim, Lebanon
Oreigin Lebanon
Genres Pop
Thrift Sangster, Producer, filanthropist, televeesion personality
Years active 1992–present (singin)
Labels Nojoom Music (2002–2009)
Alam El Phan (2002–2005)
Stallions (1996–2002)
Wabsteid Offeecial wabsteid

Diana Joseph Fouad Haddad (Arabic: ديانا جوزيف فؤاد حداد‎) (born in Bsalim, Lebanon on 1 October 1976) is a Lebanese sangster an televeesion personality wi Emirati ceetizenship. Mainly kent as Diana Haddad, she is ane o the maist popular an successfu sangsters in the Arab Warld an haes been sae syne the late 1990s. She wis a record-breaker syne her first sang Saken in 1996, an she is still considered ane o the maist successfu Arab female sangsters an ane o the best sellin sangsters in the Arab Warld. Haddad daes no leemit hersel tae ane muisic style, she kens hou tae present a vera wide range, muivin frae the maist rhythmic sangs tae the slow romantic anes. Haddad first came tae fame in 1993 when she wis juist 16. While she wis recordin her first album she appeared on the Arabic talent show Studio El Fan in Beirut performin the tradeetional Lebanese fowk sang written bi Elias Abou Azala Tayr El Yammameh which wad be includit on her first album Saken.

Three years later, the release o her debut album Saken, which featurt her single Saken, Lagaitek, a kiver o Issam Rajji's auld hit, an Al-Sahra. Suin efter, she became a muther tae her first bairn, a dochter Sophie. In 1997 she released ane o the maist successfu albums in her discografie, Ahl Al Esheg, which includit the hit single Ahl Al Esheg. She released the maist popular pop album o the 1990s Ammanih. In 2000s she released the mair creetically acclaimit an successfu albums Awel Marrah an Diana 2006.[1] In 2007 Haddad gae birth tae her seicont dochter Mira in Dubai. On 30 October 2008, Haddad released her seicont lang waitit Khaliji (Gulf Arabic) album Men Diana Illa.[2]

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Studio albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

Live albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

Compilation albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

Singles[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Title Album Video Clip Director Language/Dialect
1992 Tayr Al Yammameh Saken Unfilmed Lebanese Arabic
1996 Saken (Single) (Living In...) Saken Suhail Al-abdool Levant Bedouin Arabic
1996 Al-Sahra (The Magic) Saken Suhail Al-abdool Lebanese Arabic
1996 Lagetek (When I met you...) Saken Suhail Al-abdool Jabali Lebanese Arabic
1996 Anida Anida (unfilmit ) Lebanese Arabic
1997 Ahl Al Esheg (Song) (People of Passion) Ahl Al Esheg Suhail Al-abdool Levantine Bedawi Arabic
1997 Bizaal Minak (I get upset with you) Ahl Al Esheg Suhail Al-abdool Lebanese Arabic
1997 Ammanih (Song) (Wishes) Ammanih Suhail Al-abdool Lahja Al Beedha Arabic
1998 Ya Benti (Oh My Daughter) Yammaia Suhail Al-abdool Lebanese Arabic
1998 Yammaia (Song) (Oh My Mother) Yammaia Suhail Al-abdool Saeedi Egyptian Arabic
1998 Emshi Wara kidbohom Yammaia Suhail Al-abdool Egyptian Arabic
1999 Shater (Clever) Shater Suhail Al-abdool Lahja Al Beedha Arabic
1999 Wainhom Shater Suhail Al-abdool Khaleeji Arabic
1999 Aqwad Al Shamaa single Suhail Al-abdool Classic Arabic
1999 AL fosol al arba'a (Four Seasons) Shater Suhail Al-abdool Khaleeji Arabic
1999 Mish B'edi (Not In My Country) Single (unfilmed) Lebanese Arabic
2000 Mani Mani (Its Mine, Its Mine) Jarh AL Habib Suhail al-abdool Bedouin Arabic
2000 Al Haq Yaktubo Min Dami
(The Right Is Written With My Blood)
single Suhail Al-abdool Classic Arabic
2001 Mnawer Bladik (You Lighten Your Country) single' Suhail Al-abdool Khaleeji Arabic
2001 Adlla Aliek Jarh AL Habib Suhail Al-abdool Khaleeji Arabic
2001 Elly fe bally Akhbar Helwa Suhail Al-abdool Egyptian Arabic
2002 Law Yesaloni (If They Told Me About You...) Law Yesaloni Suhail Al-abdool Emirati (Khaleeji) Arabic
2003 Beedak El Qarar single Suhail Al-abdool Classic Arabic
2004 Waily (Oh My) Awel Marrah Suhail Al-abdool Lahja Al Beedha Arabic
2004 Saheby (My Friend) Awel Marrah Suhail Al-abdool Khaleeji Arabic
2004 Awel Marrah (First Time) Awel Marrah Suhail Al-abdool Egyptian Arabic
2005 Law ma dakhalt ebrasi Awel Marrah Sophie Boutros Lebanese Arabic
2005 Hassafah Diana 2006 Saed Mousa ( live Clip ) Khaleeji Arabic
2006 Mas w Louli (Diamonds and Pearls) Diana 2006 Leila Kanaan Algerie an Lebanese Arabic
2006 Badr Al Bdour single Saed Mousa ( live Clip ) Khaleeji Arabic
2006 Ana Al Ensan (I am Human) Yammaia Nahla Al Fahad Classic Arabic
2006 Maghdouche Jarh AL Habib Nahla Al Fahad Lebanese Arabic
2006 Zay El Sokar (Just Like Sugar) Diana 2006 Yaser Sami Egyptian Arabic
2007 Aadi (Normal) Diana 2006 Leila Kanaan Egyptian Arabic
2007 Ma Nysetak single Saed Mousa ( live Clip ) Khaleeji Arabic
2008 Azab El Hawa (The Torture Of Love) Diana 2006 Nahla Al Fahad Sirie Arabic
2008 Hobi Emirate (My Love, The Emirates) single Khaleeji Arabic
2008 Sheft Itessalek (I Saw Your Phonecall) Men Diana Illa Nahla Al Fahad Khaleeji Arabic
2009 Ya Aybo (Oh, Shame on Him!) Single Nahla Al Fahad Lebanese Arabic
2009 Ya Zalan (Oh You, The One Who is Mad) Men Diana Illa Nahla Al Fahad Khaleeji Arabic
2010 Ya Hadieh Min Rabna (It's a gift frae God) Single Mohammad Jum’ah Egyptian Arabic
2010 Magnona (Crazy) Single Walid Nassif Khaleeji Arabic
2011 Gaalat Diana (Diana says) Bent Osol Fadi Haddad Khaleeji Arabic
2012 Wadi Haki Bent Osol Iraqi Arabic
2012 'Albi Wafi single Lebanese Arabic

Duets[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Collaboratit Wi Title Album Video Clip Director Leid/Dialect
1997 Various Airtists Helm Al Arabi N/A Arabic
1998 Wael Kfoury Waseyet Hob N/A Special concert performance anerlie Lebanese Arabic
2000 Mohammed El-Azabi Jarh Al Habib Jarh Al Habib Unfilmed Egyptian Arabic
2001 Rashid Al-Majed Ard Al Emirates/Emirates Land of Peace N/A Televised Concert Khaliji Arabic
2001 Jad Nakhle Wily Mennak N/A Televised Studio Live performance Bedouin Arabic
2001 Rashid Al-Majed Asma Bilad N/A unreleased Khaliji Arabic
2002 Aitha Al Menhali Law Yesaloni Law Yesaloni Suhail Al-abdool Khaliji Arabic
2006 Cheb Khaled Mas w Louli Diana 2006 Leila Kanaan Lebanese & Algerie Arabic
2010 Karl Wolf Enta Maai Kol Hayati Bent Osol Fadi Haddad Inglis & Lebanese Arabic

Special Recordins/Live Tracks[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Lematha Al Moshtaka
  • Helm Al Arabi
  • Ya Rayheen Ommi (1997)
  • Jabalak Kanz (live in concert ) (1998)
  • Mush Beedi (1999)
  • Ya Carthage (2000)
  • Naam Zayed (2001)
  • Ard El Emarat (2001)
  • Wily Mennak (2001)
  • Asma Bilad
  • Roof Roohi (2002)
  • El Lilah Ghair (2002)
  • Noor Aini (2002)
  • Ela Falastin... (2002) (Live)
  • Saat Kheir (2003)
  • Ainawi (2003)
  • Yal Samra (2003)
  • Lgenawi (2003)
  • Ya Keef Al Rooh (2003)
  • Ya Fakr
  • Ya Baad Omri
  • Enta Al Shams (2001) (Sang maist famously bi Najwa Karam) (Unreleased Studio Recordin)
  • Al EIn Molayetin (2005) (Live in concert in Algerie)
  • Lanat Emaraa (Theme Song for a Drama in Bahrain) (2008)
  • Yal Samra (2003)

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