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Dentylion wine

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Dentylion wine is a kynd o drink made fae dentylions speicially in midwast Americae.

Makkin daentylion wine

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  • 1 gallon dentylion flouers
  • 1 gallon het watter
  • Juice o 1 leemon
  • 3 orangers, pared an sliced
  • 4 lbs o succar
  • 1 cake o barm

Mell watter an flouers in a pig. Lat staund for 24 oor, afore sylin .

Than eik the lave o the ingredients. Lat the mixtur geal for 3 weeks, than bottle.

Age the bottles for at least 2 month.

Fremmit airtins

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Ither directions for hou tae mak dentylion wine