Dens Defence

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Dens Defence
MottoFordi noget er værd at kæmpe for (Some things are worth fechtin for)
Foondit1949; 71 years ago (1949)
Current furmDefence Agreement 2018–23
Service branchesCoat of arms of the Royal Danish Army.svgRyal Dens Airmy
Emblem of the Danish NavyRyal Dens Navy
Roundel of the Danish Air ForceRyal Dens Air Force
Coat of Arms of the Home GuardDens Hame Gaird
HeidquartersHolmen Naval Base, Copenhagen, Denmark
WabsteidOfficial Website
Commander-in-Chief Queen Margrethe II
Prime Meenister Mette Frederiksen
Meenister o Defence Trine Bramsen
Chief o Defence General Bjørn Bisserup
Militar age18 for voluntary service
ConscriptionYes, for males
Available for
militar service
1,620,678 males, age 18-60 (2016),
1,584,495 females, age 18-60 (2016)
Fit for
militar service
1,088,751, age 18-60 (2016)
Reachin militar
age annually
39.465[1] (2016)
Active personnel15,420 military & 5,274 civilian (2017)[2] (ranked 101)
Reserve personnel12,000 + 51,000 volunteers in the Hame Gaird
Deployed personnel806 (30 May 2018)[3]
BudgetDKK31.1 billion ($4.760 billion) (2019)[4]
Percent o GDP1.35% (2019)[4]
Foreign suppliers Canadae
 Unitit States
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar History o Denmark
RanksAirmy ranks
Navy ranks
Air force ranks

Dens Defence (Dens: Forsvaret, Faroese: Danska verjan, Greenlandic: Illersuisut) is the unifeed airmed forces o the Kinrick o Denmark, chairged wi the defence o Denmark an its consteetuent, self-govrening naitions Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The Defence an aw promote Denmark's wider interests, support internaitional peacekeeping efforts an provide humanitarian aid.[5]

Syne the creaution of a staundin militar in 1510, the airmed forces haeve seen action in mony wars, maist involvin Swaden, but an aw involvin the warld's great pouerss, includin the Thirty Years' War, the Great Northren War, an the Napoleonic Wars.

Today, Dens Defence conseest o: the Ryal Dens Airmy, Denmark's principal laund warfare brainch; the Ryal Dens Navy, a blue-water navy wi a fleet o 20 commissioned ships; and the Ryal Dens Air Force, an air force wi an operational fleet conseestin o baith fixed-weeng and rotary aircraft. The Defence an aw include the Hame Gaird. Unner the Dens Defence Law[6] the Meenister o Defence serves as the commander of Danish Defence (through the Chief of Defence and the Defence Command) an the Dens Hame Gaird (through the Hame Gaird Command). De facto the Dens Cabinet is the commandin authority o the Defence, though it cannae mobilize the airmed forces, for purposes that are nae strictly defence orientit, without the consent o Pairlament.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Christian IV o Denmark on the ship Trefoldigheden in the battle o Kolberger-Heide 1644

Oreegins[eedit | eedit soorce]

The modren Dens militar can be traced back to 1510, with the creation of the Ryal Dens Navy. During this time, the Dens Kinrick held considerable territories, including Schleswig-Holstein, Norawa, an colonies in Africae an the Americae.[7]

Follaein the defeat in the Seicont Schleswig War, the militar became a poleetical hot-button issue, wi mony wanting the disairm the militar. Denmark managed tae maintain its neutrality during the First Warld War, wi a relative strang militar force. Houaniver, follaein the Interwar period, a mair pacifistic government came tae pouer, decreasing the size o the militar. This resultit in Denmark haevin a limitit militar, when Denmark wis invadit in 1940.[7] Efter Warld War II, the different brainches were reorganised, an collectit unner Dens Defence. This wis tae ensure a unifeed command when conductin jynt operations, as learned frae the War.[7]

Cauld War an internaitional engagements[eedit | eedit soorce]

Wi the defeat in 1864, Denmark haed adoptit a policy o neutrality. This wis houaniver abandoned efter Warld War Twa, when Denmark decidit tae support the UN peacekeeping forces an become a member o NATO.[7] During the Cauld War, Denmark bygane tae rebuild its militar an tae prepare for possible attacks bi the Soviet Union an its Warsaw Pact allies. During this time Denmark pairticeepatit in a nummer o UN peacekeeping missions including UNEF an UNFICYP.

Follaein the end o the Cauld War, Denmark bygane a mair active foreign policy, decidin tae pairticeepate in international operations. This bygane wi the Pairticeepation in the Bosnian War, where the Ryal Dens Airmy served as pairt of the Unitit Naitions Protection Force an were in tae skirmishes. This wis the first time the Dens Airmy wis a pairt o a combat operation syne World War 2.[8][9] On Apryle 29, 1994, the Ryal Dens Airmy, while on an operation tae relieve an observation post as pairt o the Unitit Naitions Protection Force, the Jutland Dragoon Regiment came under artillery fire frae the toun o Kalesija. The Unitit Naitions Protection Force quickly returned fire an eliminatit the artillery poseetions. On October 24, 1994, the Ryal Dens Airmy, while on an operation tae reinforce an observation post in the toun o Gradačac, were fired upon by a T-55 Bosnian Serb tank. One o the three Dens Leopard 1 tanks experienced slight damage, but aw returned fired an put the T-55 tank oot of action.

Wi the September 11 attacks, Denmark joined US forces in the War on terror, Pairticeepatin in baith the War in Afghanistan an the Iraq War. In Afghanistan, 37 sodgers haeve been killed in various hostile engagements or as a result o friendly fire, an 6 haeve been killed in non-combat relatit incidents, bringing the nummer o Dens fataleeties tae 43,[10][11] being the highest loss per capita within the coalition forces.[12] Denmark haes syne pairticipatit in Operation Ocean Shield, the 2011 militar intervention in Libie and the American-led intervention in the Sirian Ceevil War.

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