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Demografie (frae prefix demo- frae Auncient Greek δῆμος dēmos meanin "the fowk", ab -grafie frae γράφω graphō, implies "writin, description or meisurment"[1]) is the stateestical study o populations, especially human beins. As a very general science, it can analyse ony kynd o dynamic livin population, i.e., ane that chynges ower time or space (see population dynamics). Demografie encompasses the study o the size, structur, an distribution o thir populations, an spatial or temporal changes in them in response tae birth, migration, agein, an daith. Based on the demografic resairch o the yird, yird's population up tae the year 2050 an 2100 can be estimatit bi demografers. Demografics are quantifiable chairacteristics o a gien population.

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