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Della Purves

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Della Purves
Born6 Julie 1945(1945-07-06)
Paisley, Scotland, Unitit Kinrick
Dee'd17 Januar 2008(2008-01-17) (aged 62)
Edinburgh, Scotland, Unitit Kinrick
NaitionalityBreetish, Scots
EddicationSt Margaret's School, Edinburgh, East of Scotland College
Kent forBotanical Illustration

Rodella Anne Purves (6 Julie 1945 – 17 Januar 2008) wis a Scots botanical airtist.[1]

Purves wis born in 1945 in Paisley, Scotland, an twa year later flittit tae Edinburgh wi her faimily, whaur she went tae St. Margaret's School. She gaint a degree in agricultur frae Edinburgh and East of Scotland College of Agriculture. She traint in Cambridge as a seed tester.[1]

She spent a year in New Zealand, whaur she haed thrift fur the govrenment's Department of Industry, afore returnin tae Edinburgh tae wirk at the Royal Botanic Garden.[2]

Purves quit the Royal Botanic Garden in 1976 tae focus on her thrift as a botanical airtist. Her wark wis shawn athort the warld, in the Unitit States, Ireland, Germany an Japan, wi the Queen's Ryal Botanist descrievin her as ane o Britain's leadin airtists.[2] She wis awairdit the Jill Smythies Award in 1998.[3]

Purves deet on 17 Januar 2008 in Edinburgh, Scotland.[2]

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