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Delilah (c. 1896) bi Gustave Moreau

Delilah (Ebreu: דלילה‎‎ Dəlilah, Dəlila, Tiberian Ebreu Dəlilah; Arabic Dalilah; Greek Δαλιδά Dalida; meanin "faithless ane") is a wumman mentioned in the saxteent chaipter o the Beuk o Juidges in the Ebreu Bible.[1] She is luved bi Samson,[1] a Nazirite that possesses great strenth[2] and serves as the feenal Juifge o Israel.[3] Delilah is bribed bi the lairds o the Philistines tae diskiver the soorce o his strenth. Efter three failed attempts at daein so, she feenally goads Samson intae tellin her that his virr is derived frae his hair. As he sleeps, Delilah orders a servant tae cut Samson's hair, tharebi enablin her tae turn him ower tae the Philistines.

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