Delian League

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Delian League, afore the Peloponnesian War in 431 BC.

The Delian League, foondit in 478 BC,[1] wis an association o Greek ceety-states, members nummerin atween 150[2] 173,[3] tae 330 [4] unner the leadership o Athens, whase purpose wis tae continue fichtin the Persie Empire efter the Greek victory in the Battle o Plataea at the end o the Seicont Persie invasion o Greece. The League's modren[5] name derives frae its offeecial meetin place, the island o Delos, whaur congresses war held in the temple an whaur the treisury stuid till, in a seembolic gesture,[6] Pericles muived it tae Athens in 454 BC.[7]

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