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Defense Forces of Georgia
საქართველოს თავდაცვის ძალები
Defense Forces of Georgia 2018 Emblem v 1 G1.png
Emblem o the Defence Forces o Georgie (2018)
Foondit30 April 1991
Current furmDecember 2018
Service branches Laund Forces
Naitional Gaird
HeidquartersTbilisi, Georgia
Commander-in-chiefPresident Salome Zurabishvili
Meenistrr o DefenceIrakli Garibashvili
Chief o Defence ForcesLt Gen Vladimer Chachibaia[1][2]
Militar age18-30 years auld
Conscription18 years of age, 12 months
Available for
militar service
2,038,736, age 18-35 (2011 est.)
Fit for
militar service
827,281, age 18-35 (2011 est.)
Reachin militar
age annually
56,965 (2011 est.)
Active personnel37,000 (2017)[3]
Deployed personnelAfghanistan, Central African Republic, Mali
Budget870 million GEL (2019)[4] 327,000,000 USD (2019)
Percent o GDP1.83%
Domestic suppliersTbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing
Scientific Technical Center Delta
Tbilisi Tank Factory
Foreign suppliers Unitit States
 Czech Republic
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar history o Georgie
Leet o wars involvin Georgiae
RanksGeorgie militar ranks

The Defence Forces o Georgie (Georgie: საქართველოს თავდაცვის ძალები, transleet.: sakartvelos tavdatsvis dzalebi), or Georgie Defence Forces, known as the Georgian Armed Forces (Georgie: საქართველოს შეიარაღებული ძალები, transleet.: sakartvelos sheiaraghebuli dzalebi) until December 2018, are the combined militar forces o Georgie, tasked wi the defence o the naition’s unthirldom, sovereignty, an territorial integrity. Thay conseest o the Laund Force, Air Force, Naitional Gaird, an Special Operations Forces. The Defence Forces are unner oweraw leadership o the Meenister o Defence o Georgie an directly heidit bi the Chief o Defence Forces.

The first regular militar wis established in the first Georgie Republic in 1918 an wis in existence until efter the republic's overthrow bi the invadin Soviet Roushie forces in 1921. The modren Georgie militar wur foondit in accordance wi the govrenment decree o 24 Apryle 1991. 30 April, the day when the first conscripts wur cried up for militar service in 1991, haes been celebratit as the day o the Georgie militar forces.[5]

The Georgie militar haeve fecht in the ceevil war an separatist conflicts in the 1990s an the Roushie-Georgie War o 2008 as weel as major internaitional militar missions sic as in Iraq an Afghanistan. Georgia wis ane o the first umwhile Soviet republics tae join the NATO Pairtnership for Peace programme in 1994 an Individual Pairtnership Action Plan (IPAP) in 2004 an haes sought tae bring its militar in line wi the NATO standards.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Georgie Train an Equip Programme (GTEP) training wis conductit uisin U.S. Special Operations Forces an U.S. Marine Corps forces frae Mey 2002 tae Mey 2004. During this time approximately 2,600 Georgie sodgers, includin a heidquarters staff element an 5 tactical units, receivit training. Anither assistance programme, the Georgie Security an Stabeelity Operations Programme (Georgie SSOP), wis launched in Januar 2005 as a continuation o the (GTEP) of 2002-2004. Georgie contingents wur involvit in the Kosovo Force an continue tae participate in the operations in Iraq an Afghanistan.

The DFG haeve been extensively refurmed in the recent years tae meet Georgie’s aspirations tae join NATO an for better response tae the existing challenges sic as the ongaein tensions in the unresolved separatist conflict areas in Abkhazie an South Ossetia as weel as tae the threats o global terrorism. Georgie an aw views a lairge-scale foreign invasion an the spillower o conflicts frae Roushie’s North Caucasus as the worst potential near- an lang-term scenarios, respectively.[6]

On August 8, 2008 the Georgie militar conductit an operation in Georgie's breakaway region Sooth Ossetie (see 2008 Sooth Ossetie War). The operation led tae an airmed conflict wi forces frae the Roushie Federation an resultit in the defeat an expulsion o Georgie forces frae Sooth Ossetie an Abkhazie. Follaein the militar operations, Roushie recognised unthirldom o the regions, declarit a decade ago.

The militar budget o Georgie increased mair than 50 times ower the period frae 2002 (US$18 mln.) tae 2007 (US$780 mln.), reachin ower 7% o Georgie's GDP. The militar budget wis then doubled tae the end o 2008 an currently syne Februar 2009, coonts 660 mln lari (US$366 mln.)

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