Deepwater Horizon ile spill

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Deepwater Horizon ile spill
Deepwater Horizon oil spill - May 24, 2010 - with locator.jpg
The ile slick as seen frae space bi NASA's Terra satellite on 24 Mey 2010
LocationGulf o Mexico near Mississippi River Delta, Unitit States
Coordinates28°44′17.30″N 88°21′57.40″W / 28.7381389°N 88.3659444°W / 28.7381389; -88.3659444Coordinates: 28°44′17.30″N 88°21′57.40″W / 28.7381389°N 88.3659444°W / 28.7381389; -88.3659444[1]
CauseWellhead blawoot
Casualties11 killed
17 injured
OperatorTransocean unner contract for BP[2]
Spill chairactereestics
Vollum4.9 million barrels (210,000,000 U.S. gallons; 780,000 cubic meters) ±10%[3]
Aurie2,500 tae 68,000 sq mi (6,500 tae 176,100 km2)[4]

The Deepwater Horizon ile spill (an aa referred tae as the BP ile spill, the BP ile disaster, an the Gulf o Mexico ile spill) begoud on Apryle 20, 2010, in the Gulf o Mexico on the BP-operatit Macondo Prospect. Killin eleiven fowk,[5][6][7][8] it is conseedert the lairgest marine ile spill in the history o the petroleum industrie an estimatit tae be 8% tae 31% lairger in volume nor the previous lairgest, the Ixtoc I ile spill.

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