Deep Sea World

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Deep Sea World
Deep Sea World - - 701044.jpg
Acrylic viewin tunnel in the ocean tank
Date appent9 Apryle 1993
LocationNorth Queensferry, Fife, Scotland
Coordinates56°00′30″N 3°23′27″W / 56.0082°N 3.3909°W / 56.0082; -3.3909Coordinates: 56°00′30″N 3°23′27″W / 56.0082°N 3.3909°W / 56.0082; -3.3909
Vollum o lairgest tank1,000,000 imp gal (4,500,000 l; 1,200,000 US gal)

Deep Sea World (Inglis: Deep Sea Warld) is an aquarium locatit in the veelage o North Queensferry, in Fife, Scotland. It is host tae a collection o lairge saund teeger shairks, an aa kent as ragged tuithed shairks or grey nurse shairks, an various ither species o shairk.