Declaration o Arbroath/Leet o signanters

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Ablo are fowk wha adhibit their name tae the Scrieve o Arbroath in 1320.[1] The leet is a queeriorum; it haes a fair muckle fowk wha wis aye leal tae the Bruce, but forby haes muckle ithers wha'd opponed him, or wham Bruce hud tried fur ploatin again him twa-three muins efter, an some uncanny fowk o wham wee is kent.

  • Donnchadh IV, Yerl o Fife (chynged sides in 1332)
  • Thomas Randolph, 1st Yerl o Moray (heid Bruce promuiver altho focht fae the Inglis a wee speel in the bygane)
  • Patrick Dunbar, Yerl o March (chynged sides a few times)
  • Malise, Yerl o Strathearn (Bruce loyalist)
  • Maol Choluim (Malcolm) II, Yerl o Lennox (Bruce loyalist)
  • Uilleam (William) II, Yerl o Ross (afore betrais Bruce's kinswomen tae the Inglis)
  • Magnús Jónsson, Jarl (Yerl) o Orkney
  • William de Moravia, 3rd Yerl o Sutherland
  • Walter Stewart, 6t Heich Stewart o Scotland (Bruce loyalist)
  • William II de Soules, Butler o Scotland (efterwairds imprisoned fae ploatin again Bruce)
  • James Douglas, Laird o Douglas (leading Bruce loyalist)
  • Roger de Mowbray, Laird o Barnbougle an Dalmeny (efterwairds imprisoned fae ploatin again King Robert)
  • David, Laird o Brechin (efterwairds executed fae ploatin again Bruce)
  • David de Graham o Kincardine
  • Ingram de Umfraville (focht on the Inglis side at Bannockburn)
  • John de Menteith, Guardian o the Yarldom o Menteith (earlier betrais William Wallace tae the Inglis)
  • Alexander Fraser o Touchfraser an Cowie
  • Gilbert II de la Hay, Constable o Scotland (Bruce loyalist)
  • Robert II Keith, Marischal o Scotland (Bruce loyalist)
  • Henry Sinclair (St. Clair)
  • John de Graham
  • David Lindsay o Crawford
  • William Oliphant, Laird o Aberdalgie (focht fae the Inglis fae a wee speel)
  • Patrick de Graham o Lovat
  • John de Fenton
  • William de Abernethy, 2nd Baron o Saltoun
  • David Wemyss
  • William Mushet
  • Fergus o Ardrussan
  • Eustace de Maxwell, Laird o Caerlaverock
  • William Ramsay
  • Alan Murray
  • Domhnall mac Cailein (Donald Campbell)
  • John Cameron
  • Reginald Cheyne (Reginald le Chen)
  • Alexander de Seton
  • Andrew de Leslie
  • Alexander Straiton

Forby, the names o the follaein daena appear in the document's text, bit thair names ur written on seal tags an thair seals ur present:[2]

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