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Dawn (1928 film)

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Directit biHerbert Wilcox
Produced biHerbert Wilcox
Written biReginald Berkeley (play)
Robert Cullen
Herbert Wilcox
StarninSybil Thorndike
Ada Bodart
Gordon Craig
Marie Ault
CinematographyBernard Knowles
British & Dominions Film Corporation
Distributit biWoolf & Freedman Film Service
Release date
1 Mairch 1928
Rinnin time
90 meen.
KintraUnitit Kinrick

Dawn is a 1928 Breetish seelent war film directit bi Herbert Wilcox an starnin Sybil Thorndike, Gordon Craig an Marie Ault. It wis producit bi Wilcox for his British & Dominions Film Corporation.

Based on a play bi Reginald Berkeley, this film tells the story o Warld War I martyr Edith Cavell. Sybil Thorndike stars as Cavell, a nourice wha risked her ain life bi rescuin Breetish preesoners o war frae the Germans. Whan Cavell wis fanged an sentenced tae be executit, it sparked internaitional ootrage, even frae neutral naitions.

Ane o the maist controversial Breetish films o the 1920s, Dawn wis censored acause o whit objectors considert its brutal depiction o warfare an anti-German sentiments. Pressure wis exertit bi baith the German ambassador an the Breetish Furrin Secretar Austen Chamberlain tae prevent the film bein passed for exhibition.[1]

Wilcox retoured tae the subject in 1939 wi Nurse Edith Cavell starnin Anna Neagle.

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