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David Stewart, Duke o Rothesay

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David Stewart (24 October 1378 – 26 Mairch 1402) wis prince an heir tae the throne o Scotland frae 1390 an the first Duke o Rothesay frae 1398. He wis named efter his great-great-uncle, David II o Scotland, an an aa held the teetles o Earl o Atholl (1398–1402) an Earl o Carrick (1390–1402). He shares wi his uncle an airch-rival, Robert Stewart, first Duke o Albany, the distinction o bein first Dukes tae be creatit in the Scots Peerage. David nivir acame King. His mairiage tae Marjorie Douglas, dauchter o Archibald the Grim, the third Earl o Douglas, wis wioot issue.