David Carnegie, 11t Yerl o Northesk

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David Carnegie, 11t Yerl o Northesk
David Carnegie, 11th Earl of Northesk 1923.jpg
David Carnegie in 1923
Personal information
Born 24 September 1901
Lunnon, Great Breetain
Dee'd 7 November 1963 (aged 62)
Binfield, Bracknell Forest, Ingland
Sport Skeleton

David Ludovic George Hopetoun Carnegie, 11t Yerl o Northesk (24 September 1901 – 7 November 1963) wis electit a Scots representative peer. He wis an aa a skelet competitor that wan a bronze medal at the 1928 Winter Olympics.[1]

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Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
David Carnegie
Yerl o Northesk
Succeedit bi
John Carnegie