David Carnegie, 11t Yerl o Northesk

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David Carnegie, 11t Yerl o Northesk
David Carnegie, 11th Earl of Northesk 1923.jpg
David Carnegie in 1923
Personal information
Born24 September 1901
Lunnon, Great Breetain
Dee'd7 November 1963 (aged 62)
Binfield, Bracknell Forest, Ingland

David Ludovic George Hopetoun Carnegie, 11t Yerl o Northesk (24 September 1901 – 7 November 1963) wis electit a Scots representative peer. He wis an aa a skelet competitor that wan a bronze medal at the 1928 Winter Olympics.[1]

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Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
David Carnegie
Yerl o Northesk
Succeedit bi
John Carnegie