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Major-General Sir David Bruce
David Bruce
Born 29 May 1855
Melbourne, Australie
Died 27 November 1931(1931-11-27) (aged 76)
Naitionality Scots
Citizenship Breetish
Alma mater Varsity o Edinburgh
Kent for trypanosome
Awairds Ryal Medal (1904)
Leeuwenhoek Medal (1915)
Buchanan Medal (1922)
Albert Medal (1923)
Manson Medal (1923)
Scientific career
Fields Microbiology

Major-General Sir David Bruce KCB FRS FRCP FRSE[1] (29 Mey 1855 in Melbourne – 27 November 1931 in Lunnon) wis a Scots pathologist an microbiologist that investigatit Maltae fiver (later crieed brucellosis in his honour) an African trypanosomiasis (sleepin sickness in humans an nagana in ainimals).

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