Dashtadem, Aragatsotn

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The keep inside Dashtadem Fortress.
The keep inside Dashtadem Fortress.
Dashtadem Դաշտադեմ is locatit in Armenie
Dashtadem Դաշտադեմ
Coordinates: 40°20′40.126″N 43°51′32.676″E / 40.34447944°N 43.85907667°E / 40.34447944; 43.85907667Coordinates: 40°20′40.126″N 43°51′32.676″E / 40.34447944°N 43.85907667°E / 40.34447944; 43.85907667
Marz (Province)Aragatsotn
 • Total0.73 km2 (0.28 sq mi)
1,458 m (4,783 ft)
 • Tot613
 • Density840/km2 (2,200/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4 (GMT+4)

Dashtadem (Armenie: Դաշտադեմ; umwhile, Nerkin Talin (Note: The majority o residents in neebourin Talin still refer tae Dashtadem as Nerkin Talin); Roushifee'd as Nizhniy Talin; baith meanin "lawer Talin") is a veelage locatit in the Aragatsotn Province o Armenie. The veelage conteens the muckle Dashtadem Fortress datin tae the 10t hunderyear but substantially rebuilt in the 19t hunderyear, alang wi a chapel dedicatit tae Saunt Sargis datin tae the 10t hunderyear an aw. The fortress keep haes a Arabic dedicatory inscription o 1174, written in Kufic script attributin the structur tae Sultan ibn Mahmud (Shahanshah), ane o the Shaddadids. Past the veelage tae the north juist east o the road tae Talin, an a few hunder meters afore the electric substation (sooth), are the ruins o a muckle medieval caravanserai. Lairge sections o waws remain staundin an the oweraw plan is still easily distinguished amangst the ruins. The remains o Stane Age obsidian wirkshops can be foond on a hill tae the wast. In a cemetery sooth o Dashtadem, lees the restored 7t-hunderyear Kristapori Vank.[1][2]

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