Danube Delta

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Danube Delta
UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid
Danube delta satelite.png
LocationTulcea Coonty, Romanie
CriteriaNaitural: vii, x
Inscription1991 (15t Session)
Aurie312,440 ha
Coordinates45°5′0″N 29°30′0″E / 45.08333°N 29.50000°E / 45.08333; 29.50000
Danube Delta is locatit in Romania
Danube Delta
Location o Danube Delta in Romania

The Danube Delta (Romanie: Delta Dunării pronounced [ˈdelta ˈdunərij] ( listen); Ukrainian: Дельта Дунаю, Deľta Dunayu, Ukrainian pronunciation: [dɛlʲˈtɑ dunɑˈju]) is the seicont lairgest river delta in Europe, efter the Volga Delta, an is the best preserved on the continent.[1]

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