Danish Touringcar Championship

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Danish Touringcar Championship
CategoryTourin caurs
KintraDenmark Denmark
Inaugural saison1999
Last Drivers' championDenmark Casper Elgaard
Last Teams' championTeam Telesikring
Last Maks' championBMW
Offeecial wabsteiddtc-net

The Danish Touringcar Championship (abbreviatit as the DTC) wis a tourin caur racin series in Denmark. The inaugural year for the DTC wis 1999, efter the huge success in Scandinavie o the Breetish Touring Car Championship. For the first twa years it wis kent as the Danish Touring Car Challenge. The feenal DTC season was in 2010, as the series mergit wi the Swedish Touring Car Championship tae fuirm the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship.[1]

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