Daniel Webster

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Daniel Webster
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14t an 19t Unitit States Secretar o State
In office
Julie 23, 1850 – October 24, 1852
Preses Millard Fillmore
Precedit bi John Clayton
Succeedit bi Edward Everett
In office
Mairch 6, 1841 – Mey 8, 1843
Preses William Henry Harrison
John Tyler
Precedit bi John Forsyth
Succeedit bi Abel Upshur
Unitit States Senator
frae Massachusetts
In office
Mairch 4, 1845 – Julie 22, 1850
Precedit bi Rufus Choate
Succeedit bi Robert Winthrop
In office
Juin 8, 1827 – Februar 22, 1841
Precedit bi Elijah Mills
Succeedit bi Rufus Choate
Member o the U.S. Hoose o Representatives
frae Massachusetts's 1st destrict
In office
Mairch 4, 1823 – Mey 30, 1827
Precedit bi Benjamin Gorham
Succeedit bi Benjamin Gorham
Member o the U.S. Hoose o Representatives
frae New Hampshire's At-lairge destrict
In office
Mairch 4, 1813 – Mairch 4, 1817
Precedit bi George Sullivan
Succeedit bi Arthur Livermore
Personal details
Born 18 Januar 1782(1782-01-18)
Salisbury, New Hampshire, Unitit States
Dee'd 24 October 1852(1852-10-24) (aged 70)
Marshfield, Massachusetts, Unitit States
Poleetical pairty Whig Pairty (1833–1852)
Ither poleetical
Federalist Pairty (Afore 1828)
Naitional Republican Pairty (1828–1833)
Spoose(s) Grace Fletcher Webster
Caroline LeRoy Webster
Alma mater Dartmouth College
Profession Lawyer
Religion Disputit

Daniel Webster (Januar 18, 1782 – October 24, 1852) wis a leadin American senator an statesman during the era o the Seicont Pairty Seestem.